Vivitar series 1 90mm f25 macro lenses

If the serial number starts with 37 the lens should be made by tokina and this particular 902. Orders placed during the passover holiday wed 48 after 10. Among other innovations, it is notable as the first macro focusing zoom lens. This well regarded komine made serials 28xxxxx macro lens is distinct from the similar 90mm but to. Cy contaxyashica, canon fd, fdn, konica ar, m42, nikon f fx, dx. Like many vivitar lenses, it was made for vivitar by fourth parties, and its design varied over the years. Canon fd, fdn, m42, nikon f fx, dx, olympus om, pentax k, minolta sr md, mc 4. The lens is based on a pushpull principle focal length is changed by pushing or pulling the focusing ring, the lens length is changing at the same time. For sale, the famed bokina or vivitar series 1 90 f2. I owned one with my x700 and was very pleased with it. Cy contaxyashica, canon fd, fdn, konica ar, nikon f fx, dx, olympus om, pentax k, minolta sr md, mc 0 0 0. May 29, 2017 i have a excellent condition version for sale with a dedicated 1. It is packed with an impressive 2890mm zoom range and a fast f2.

From vivitar lens literature macro focusing as close as 1. The lens is in very good condition and full working order. Zoom lenses typically have a maximum relative aperture minimum fnumber of f2. I have a vivitar series 1, that was a pretty good lens, vivitars top of the line back in the days. It is the precursor to the famous bokina tokina atx macro 90mm f2. This well regarded tokina made serials 37xxxxx macro lens is distinct from the. Vivitar 70210 series 1 macro zoom lenses mark roberts. Save up to 40% off retail price and get a 180day warranty. The lens is excellent, no doubt, for macrophotography. Tamron has produced quite a lineage of 90mm macro lenses. I couldnt find this lens in the best of category, so here are some examples from it combined with the canon 5d mkll. Apocryphal data suggests this version was made by kino precision kiron in december, 1978. This is the version that i own and will discuss at length below. Tamron has produced a series of 90mm macro lenses over the years.

What are the best and worst of vivitar and series 1 lenses. At the focal length of 28 mm it enables you to take 1. Variants 15 left to right of the vivitar series 1 70210 macro zoom. If anyone wants a macro lens that performs like a macro lens, the vivitar series 1 90mm f2. Remember however, that this lens is made for macro work and macro work only. Buy and sell used vivitar camera lenses at keh camera.

I have tested a lot of the old standard focal length macros, but how does a telephoto 90mm macro from the old days stand up. I remember drooling over this lens in the photography mags of the late 70s. One gold star by garian photography, on flickr vivitar series 1 90mm f2. The tokina 90mm bokina does much better as a general purpose lens and is smaller and lighter. The 28 mm focal length is most likely covered if you have the kit lens. This is the tamron adaptall prosumer 70210mm, residing in the scheme of things between the consumer 80210mms 03a, 103a and the pro 80200mm f2. The iq of this vivitar is phenomenal for zoom lenses of its age. I have a excellent condition version for sale with a dedicated 1.

Vivitar series 1 800mm f8 mirror tmount released in 2009, made by samyang vivitar series 1 800mm f11 solid cat tmount made by perkinelmer manual focus zoom lenses vivitar series 1 2448mm f3. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Since 2008, the vivitar name serves as sakar internationals house brand for digital imaging, optics, mobile accessories, and audio products. Ive been drooling over it more since the advent of flickr. Vivitar made an interesting device called the 2x macro focusing teleconverter. Vivitar corporation was a manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of photographic and optical equipment originally based in santa monica, california. Link, resources, and other places to go september 11. A very good performing lens, quite a lot better than the nikkor 2004. For your device is available official mobile app all photo lenses from. A lens corrected for close focus in this case at expense of general use. It is not the same optical formula, nor was it manufactured by the same company. Even today, many sp optics rival their canon l equivalents.

Any of the autofocus series 1 lenses should be avoided, as should any of the ones that have maximum apertures of f4. It was the first vivitar series 1 lens and was considered revolutionary for its time. The legendary bokina lens, the standard by which all bokehliciousness is measured by. Macro lenses for m43, old ones personal view talks. After the five versions shown here, vivitar sold some really poor lenses under the series 1 label, which all but destroyed the prestige of the brand. Vivitar macroclose up camera lens for nikon for sale ebay. The vivitar 70210mm series 1 is the classic of classics of thirdparty lenses. Nov, 2011 today marks another installment of my old glass series. But now is really quite difficult to have a sharp focus manually. I believe the lens was manufactured by komine with serial no. Variants 1 5 left to right of the vivitar series 1 70210 macro zoom. More importantly, it has done so without sacrificing iq. Highend lenses will have a constant aperture, such as f2.

This is a 7 element teleconverter which has a built in helicoid. This works out to be a moderately long telephoto macro when used on apsc that can also double as a long portrait lens. Solid allmetal construction, and renders bokeh beautifully, hence the nickname. Tamrons sp super performance line was introduced in 1979 as its professional series. It was one of the sharpest, flatest shooting macro around. This series 1 version is not to be confused with the non series, kominemade vivitar 90mm f2.

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