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Some formula may be incorrect or missing, in such case, please kindly report via pm to our facebook page. Added stability cap for staff 90% and magic device 80%. Requires weapons similar to sword, bow, staff, brass knuckles. Sy belum pernah main toram online pas saya download trus download data tapi gk. Ada doc egk buat bikin dual sword tentang isi stats nya, skill nya dll, dulu udah sempet main iruna jadi udah lumayan tau soal game ini toram. Download toram online and enjoy it on your iphone, ipad, and ipod touch. Players can increase their stats at any time, as long as they are suitable for important equipment. Popular rpg hitting 10 million downloads worldwide. Toram online is all about trying to restore a destroyed world.

Ever since a sudden cataclysm happened and the lands were destroyed the nations have been divided up and new areas have become available to explore. Popular rpg hitting 11 million downloads worldwide. Tetapi untuk yang belum begitu paham akan sangat sulit mengerti dan perlu membutuhkan waktu yang cukup lama. Moreover, you can freely create the abilities of your equipment as you. With xeplayer,you can download rpg toram online for pc version on windows 7,8,10 and laptop. With more than 80 billion combinations available, feel free to create your own character to your liking. If you dont want to read all those stats,i wrote a conclusion at every weapon,you can read only that if you just want to know which stats to use. Untuk yang telah lama mengenal mmorpg akan lebih mudah memahami toram online.

Rpg toram online game players if you are looking to download latest rpg toram online mod apk v3. Rpg toram online for pc download windows 7, 8, 10, xp. The symbol for weapons is a crisis indicator when they are used. Toram online update new map and boss all equips appearance. Go on the discussion page to ask any questions relating to either the game or this wiki in need of editors on here. Dont forget to use the report post button if you see a rule broken.

Rpg toram online mod, god modeskill cd android apk. Fixed stability error when equiping additional gear with stability bonus. Toram online is a free to play 3d mobile mmorpg developed by asobimo, inc. Many thanks to thexiiithguy, mayam, ainred, and all other friends who helped with various detailed info. Asobimo will send messages to the winners via twitter. Hi, i was wondering what are the best equipments and skills for an archer. With more than 500 billion combinations available, feel free to create your own character to your liking. Walaupun damage di build ini kurang maksimal karena sp dan stats yg masih urang, tapi tempest. Thanks for playing and good luck on your adventure. Stats, skills, equipments, pets, and even home design all yours to decide and create.

Thread rules saling menghargai member lain dilarang double post, tripel post, dst secara sengaja selalu gunakan fasilitas multiquote dilarang absen, junk, oot berlebihan, spam dll dilarang postsharerequest apa aja yang berbau pornografi dilarang berjualan disini, berjualanlah pada tempatnya fjb dilarang keras membahas cheat dilarang post shortlinkcashlink adf. This page shows you all the stats and stat definition for toram online. You can color your favorite weapon with the color you like when you obtain equipment with a color info. Beat and cheat rpg toram online the ultimate tips and strategy guide rpg toram online is a new sequel to rpg iruna online, made by asobimo, the company who is probably most famous for rpg avabel online, a very long lasting mobile rpg. We store a collection of informations from the world of toram online. Spring event comeback easter event comeback your lands background will be changed. Moreover, you can freely create the abilities of your equipment as you proceed further with the game go on. On this page, we will know what the specialty of rpg toram online android game and its mod version apk will provide you one click fastest cdn drive link to download, so you can easily download. Equipment data will take a few more days to be done.

Toram online, toram online indonesia, mmorpg, rpg, asobimo, build toram, build dps toram, new build toram, update build toram, build. There are no skills that fit together with bare knuckle. Some equipment will not show up on recipes until you reach certain levels. This includes, but not limited to, searchable item database, monster database, crafting database, and quest database. Please make sure to read our rules and be friendly to all our members. The thing is, i have a def 25 slotted wolf garb and a def 17 ns hunters garb.

You need a char with 255 tec and the smithing skills customize equipment. Rpg toram online for pc free download gameshunters. Toram online game for pc how to download and play toram online is an actionpacked online game that keeps you on your toes with its thrilling action and great sound effects. Tema yang akan admin angkat kali adalah tentang pertanyaan yang sangat legendaris sekali. Special gear is the 5th slot of your equipment page in toram online.

Download rpg toram online for pc rpg toram online is an action mmorpg with hours of gameplay and an insane amount of customization. Refills hpmp and raises all stats for everyone in the pt for a limited time recover hp and mp of pt all members. Early smith lvl2 process mats 1, refine 5, create equip 5, upgrade equip 5 midgame smith lvl2 process mats 1, refine equip 5, create equip 5, careful creation 10, upgrade equip 5, novice anvil 3 blacksmithing is hard. In this video im going to show you how to put stats into your items. Special gear can be obtained from boss drops, mob drops or crafting npc blacksmith, or w smith skills. Pembayaran via bca, via alfamart untuk yang tidak memiliki rekening rekening ponsel atau cod wilayah tangerang kota supermal karawaci aman, terpercaya dan bisa konsultasi seputar toram haii, kita ketemu lagi. Using venom attack while the enemy is poisoned wont reset the number of poison ticks left. I just downloaded toram earlier and im just following the main story quests. Langsung saja berikut build mage finale toram online mulai dari stat point mage, skillskill mage, combo finale, equipment mage. Dark tanker build guide has been released in this video we will show you the. Welcome to the toram online wiki, a wiki run by fans, dedicated to the popular mobile, freetoplay mmorpg. Moreover, you can freely create the abilities of your equipment as you proceed further with the game go on an adventure with your friends across the country. However, the equipment to get to participate in fighting pve, pvp, on duty, the characters skills also affect quite a lot of their power. Havent had time to improve the look of the site yet.

Rpg toram online referring to the mmorpg cannot fail to mention asobimo a game maker from japan. Also anyone whos interested to buy the guide book for the ex avatar heres the link from toram. Armor raises ones chances of survival by raising different stats and by providing a defense. Membuatnya dengan skill create equipment, bisa dibaca pada halaman blacksmith 3. There is not much time left to wield this weapon, making exploring the toram region more convenient. In this blog i will show you how stats affect weapons,so basically i will show you what stats you should focus on depending on the weapon. Profession, which is often the case with rpg, does not exist in toram. Well, toram still retains the stat and skill points of the past 2 games, but drops the class system altogether. Formula used on this calculator is based on the explanation at toram wikis status page and my personal findings. This basically means that anytime you add tecdex or wear dex equips, you can.

Please check here for the tweet to retweet on asobimos official twitter. Dex, technique skill level to creates equipment, shown in extra skill, and str also affects a little success rate. Havent played enough played more than 30 minutes in total today. In the gaming market, players surely know about asobimo publisher, which has been wellknown for many interesting roleplaying games like avabel, izanagi, aurcus this year, this developer is back with a great game rpg toram online. You can also cook food and gain power ups stats and stuff like it. Just download full version rpg toram online apk for pc,laptop,windows 7,8,10,xp now. These are used for customizing gear, which we will talk about later. Both avabel and aurcus had a dedicated class system where you picked a class and rolled with the skills it came with, developing these skills with skill points and building your stats with stat points as you went. Namun dengan build yang baik kalian tidak perlu kawatir atas kelemahankelemahan finale. So, this is the only choice you have if you want to play this fun game on your computer.

Havent played enough at all played more than 60 minutes in total today. Gathering strength on high stats will help players amplify their skill sets extremely. Beat and cheat rpg toram online the ultimate tips and. To download rpg toram online for pc,users need to install an android emulator like xeplayer. On this web page, well know what the specialty of rpg toram online android recreation and its mod model apk will present you one click on quickest cdn drive hyperlink to. Boss drop equipment s stats varies from crafted equipment list edit.

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